PleasOns and Sentiment

pleasOn (a click in one of the faces at the app home screen) represents your satisfaction or emotion about something , a brand, a product, a place, a celebrity, an idea ... anything identified by a label (i.e. :levis, :obama, :life ) . Your sentiment is ephemeral  and decreases over time. Every time you pleason (vote a label) you generate sentiment . If you want to keep live your sentiment with a Label you have to keep pleasoning it!


Labels are defined by you and other users on the go. You can use:

  • pleasOn labels (:brand :brand:product :place ...)
    • :levis
    • :levis:501
    • :paris:eiffeltower
    • :cocacola:zero
    • :zara:newyork:5avenue
  • twitter hashtags
    • #levis2016
  • twitter mentions
    • @levis


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